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Restaurants in Canada

756 contributors

280 places to eat in Canada

Restaurants in Montreal
La Banquise
This restaurant known for its "after-hours" is open 24 hours a day and offers the typical specialty food in Québec: poutine. It is mostly a food to be eaten between meals rather than as part of a food menu or dinner.We ate it a lot at night, in the bars, plus it gives a lot of energy. It is made of chips with cheese melted over and a special sauce, sauce called "poutine". At La Banquise, many varieties make this basic recipe, such as poutine with sausages, etc ... Here it normal to see people lining up overnight to eat this typical dish from the area.
Restaurants in Montreal
Coco Rico
Among the many forms of fast food offered in Montréal, the Portuguese rotisserie roasted chicken joint Coco Rico is a great tasty choice! The Rue Saint Laurent is extensive and multifaceted, and in one of its sections can be regarded as part of the Portuguese Quarter, due to the presence of numerous stores that sell Portuguese products such as food and objects, Portuguese pastries, etc. Coco-rich has Portuguese owners, but in reality it is the only Portuguese store that has real Portuguese owners. It is know for its roast chicken in large ovens with potatoes, small and round at the bottom so that they are soaked in with the chicken flavor while it is cooking. There is aroom with a small bar where you can eat on stools, but most customers buy chicken to go. They prepare some boxes of chicken with potatoes and salad for about $ 6 and the truth is that it is delicious.
Restaurants in Quebec
Le Casse-Crêpe Breton
This place is well worth the wait in the queues at the door. The shop is tiny, rustic and serves simply delicious crepes. The price is affordable. About 10-12 euros. When you eat salty pancakes, you will already be thinking what you will be having for dessert! You only have to look at the photos. And if you still have any doubts, I´ll leave you their website!
Restaurants in Montreal
Schwartz's Deli
Schwartz's is a good restaurant
Cafés in Quebec
Céramic Café
The Ceramic Cafe is just a conventional coffee shop, but you get to take a customized cup. First, you choose the piece of crockery to be customized. There are different varieties of cups, teapots, milk jugs, water jugs, plates, bowls, and fountains. You pay a price for each piece, which varies between 5 and 20 Canadian dollars (from 3-15 euros) and then pay 8 dollars/hour in the workshop. The workshop consists of small tables that have special paints, brushes, drawing models, patterns and sprays. After the work is done, you leave it with the shop, and go to pick it up when they tell you to. It usually takes about a week.
Restaurants in Montreal
L'Escalier Montréal
L'Escalier Montréal is a bar-restaurant that offers a rather unique and pleasantly hippie-style atmosphere. As its name indicates (The Ladder), the entrance to the premises is up some stairs that lead to a kind of private apartment with several rooms, where you can find a restaurant and bar with an eco-friendly kitchen and natural products, a small hall for performances, and an internet cafe (wireless connection access and desktop computers available to clients). It's a good place to spend the afternoon quietly surfing the web.
Restaurants in Montreal
Restaurant L'Académie
This place isn´t exactly in the center, and isn´t well known, but it´s good. This restaurant forms part of the chain of Italian Restaurants in Canada. It´s a place where the food isn´t bad, but the contrary. It´s cozy and the service is good. It´s in an area full of restaurants and stores, you can go make a stop there after shopping.
Restaurants in Toronto
Sushi on Bloor
A teacher of mine recommended this restaurant and I was not disappointed. Although the specialty is sushi, we had a tempura don and a chicken curry. The most surprising thing is that the we were served sort of huge cauldrons with a base of rice, plus salad and soup. The amounts are huge, but the food is great and super cheap.
Restaurants in Banff
Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouse
The Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouse overlooks Lake Louise. If you follow the Plain of Six Glaciers Trail, you can find this charming cottage halfway between the beginning and the highest point of the route. I'm not talking about a corner Starbucks type coffeehouse, the teahouse is built like something from the twenties. You can enjoy a delicious snack and some fabulous views of the valley in which it's located.
Restaurants in Toronto
Ginger Toronto
The financial district of downtown Toronto is full of fast food restaurants of all kinds and nationalities, at affordable prices, like menus for under ten euros. This Vietnamese is one of the best options, with dishes from China and Southeast Asia.
Restaurants in Trois-Rivières
Cabane a Sucre Chez Dany
That day I knew how a tourist must feel in the thick of a restaurant eating reheated rice and sangria from a jug. You could tell it was only for tourists, you only had to see the buses coming and going. The place is a large log cabin, called sugar shack, since it is assumed that similar sites extracted and refined maple syrup. It has a dining room, an area where they teach about the process, and of course the gift shop. In the restaurant we ate around large tables, had a meal that was not bad but didn't look like much and then later they showed us how to work with the syrup. Personally it is not somewhere I would return to but it's what organised tours do.
Restaurants in Quebec
Chez Ashton
Chez Ashton is a franchise (I discovered that after eating there). I know little of the cuisine of Quebec, and the only item I recognized was the "poutine" fries with cheese and some salsita. Chez Ashton, according to some locals, could be a good option to try to get this delicacy at a reasonable price. I chose the normal "poutine" with a drink, which I was a little less than $9 Canadian. I was a little disappointed. The place itself is fast food place: chairs, tables, one throws away what is left in a box, if you don't like the fries, the site not only offers various types of "poutine" but also sausage sandwiches and salads. The advantage is also that it is very centrally located in the old town, a few steps from the main buildings to be visited.
Restaurants in Montreal
Pho 21
Vietnamese restaurants are a tradition of the great North American cities and Montreal is not an exception. They are a cheap option serving food all the time and of very high quality. The Pho 21 Vietnamese can be distinguished from others by the friendliness of the owners and their location in the village. The traditional Vietnamese dishes on the menu are: vegetarian soups, soups with beef, rice noodle soups, rice dishes and marinated chicken as well as grilled shrimp skewer, ahuge bowl of noodles with spring rolls and mint. They have enough options (menu in French are called "table d'hote") that combine soup + rice and meat dish + dessert + green tea and works out to rates around 8-15 euros per person. I would recommend this place to eat!
Restaurants in Quebec
Café Nagua
Looking for an internet cafe in Quebec, I came across this cafe and restaurant called Nagua which was a very nice place to check email, but also to eat and drink. The wifi is free and they also have a computer available for customers to use for free. But the idea of ​​the restaurant is a place where local products are sold. When I asked for a beer, for example, they gave me a wide choice as, throughout the province of Quebec there are many "micro-breweries". The room was very nice with sofas and shelves of books, magazines and newspapers. The only drawback is that the location is not very central and in a neighborhood that you do not often visit when visiting Québec.
Restaurants in Montreal
Café Fruits Folie
Café Fruits Folie is one of the many restaurants on Rue Saint-Denis, busy and full of shops and stores. It is tiny, not known for its looks, but has a nice terrace in summer and besides the classic burgers that you can´t escape from, it also has a menu that offers custom pasta dishes. You can choose the type of pasta you want and then the type of sauce from a wide list. They have other great dishes like salads and vegetable dishes and the prices are around $ 8 per plate.
Restaurants in Montreal
Dinner, drinks and "brunch" served on weekends from 10.30 am. The restaurant is a Réservoir that is in acharming neighborhood right in Portuguese. Actually, the menu is similar enough to Spanish restaurants ​​with creative cuisine and market is changing every day and it advertised on a blackboard. The portions are very large and inviting order a variety of dishes to try different specialties, each one more attractive. Tempura zucchini flower, sausage and mash, endive salad with tuna tataki, are some of the plates they offer. About 4 courses for 2 people are enough for food and drink, the total can cost about 30 euros. The white beer is another thing that is worth trying , as it is handmade, as seen in metal drums behind a window showing that many of the beers they serve are made there. The service is also one of the best of Montréal, the waiters are friendly but unobtrusive, and don´t take away your plates the moment you are finishing, which often one feels compelled to continue to consume as the cup is over because the waiters have cleared the table quickly. Definitely a place where both cuisine, ambience, service and prices are very good harmony.
Restaurants in Montreal
Au Pied de Cochon
Many things have already been written and said about this well-known restaurant in Montreal. First of all, because their owners advertise quite well and among other things have a TV show, apparently quite wild about hunting and cooking. Some define this place "kitchen-trash" restaurant. I don't think so much. Certainly it's not the most expensive or refined restaurant out there (paper napkins, bare tables) and it's not a place I would recommend to people with high cholesterol, or religious beliefs that prohibit the pig as their menu revolves around pork and foie and everything is very fatty. But everyone that eats here that asks for the "Pied de cochon" has an opinion about it, whether controversial or moderate. Personally, everything was delicious to me. Between three people we shared three appetizers: Tomato tart, bison tartare, a marinated fish (can't remember the name). All fantastic, with flavorful ingredients and seemed to be good quality. And we shared two entrees: "the pied de cochon du hotpot", a casserole of various parts of the pig cooked in different ways, very strong but delicious. And the "foie and boudin" cake was incredible but also very rich in fat. The wine list is impressive, most wines are French, with some exceptions, but the cheapest bottle costs about $ 30. The atmosphere of the place seemed very nice but a bit noisy. I think it's a place you have to go at least once in life to experience the interesting and original style.
Restaurants in Montreal
Café Saigon
Relatively invisible from the street, Cafe Saigon hides in a windowless ground floor exterior. It's one of the city's many Vietnamese restaurant and stands out for its quality and authenticity, like the Pho Bang New York and Pho 21 (http://www.Minube.Com/rincon/10082). Sadly, the renovations that were taken left the restaurant a little poorly. It was more authentic last year, but in an attempt to draw closer to the Canadian public, the décor is now halfway between a typical Vietnamese atmosphere (with bamboo roof, a fish tank, an Asian-themed frame) and a modern taste that makes it downright tacky. The result is something kitsch, but it has its charms. The most important thing here is what you're going to eat, and the food is fine. It's not luxury, obviously, but you can get a cheap meal with very good service. You're served a pot of tea with several cups as you arrive. The tea is very clear and is intended to accompany the entire meal. The soup with rice and meat combinations are quite recommended. For nature and Vietnamese cuisine lovers, this is a good place for moderate prices.

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