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Restaurants in China

354 contributors

169 places to eat in China

Restaurants in Beijing
Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant
Quanjude is the best restaurant in Beijing, serving roast duck with a difference. You might hear that there are others of the same standard ... but you have to come here. It was founded in 1864 during the Qing Dynasty. Every year, the restaurant serves more than 2 million ducks to 5 million customers. I recommend going to Beijing a day early to book a table, because of the huge queues that tend to form quickly. In fact, I would suggest going to their website and making a reservation online. If this sounds like a lot of effort, don't forget that we're talking about the best duck restaurant in the world. It's not too expensive - certainly not when compared to Europe - and the duck is just divine. First they serve the crispy skin, separate from the tender, juicy skinless breast, with pancakes, vegetables and sauce on the side. A true delight! You roll up the pancakes filled with the ingredients yourself. After that comes vegetable soup, using the thighs of the bird. The Chinese eat everything! The head, legs and tongue are served, but tourists who prefer not to try these parts of the bird can request the service without them. The restaurant is in Quianmen Street, one of the most famous streets in Beijing.
Restaurants in Xian
Ding Ding Xiang Restaurant
Ding Ding Xiang restaurant, on one of the busiest streets of Xian, is not very popular with tourists. They do not speak anything but Mandarin. This restaurant was recommended to me by a friend from Xian. In addition to having a wide variety of Chinese food, they cook delicious meat to be eaten with fine bread, cakes and spicy sauces. This restaurant may be a challenge for those of you who like this type of food. It is also quite cheap, but the price depends on the dishes chosen and the amount of food. It is usually no more than 4 euros per person.
Restaurants in Suzhou
Cold Stone Creamery
Cold Stone ice cream chain is found in several Asian countries, such as China, Japan and Korea. I really thought I was wrong when I could not find an ice cream parlor that offered rich flavors as in Western countries. This places offers a variety of ice cream, even original flavors. One could order a ready-made mix (the references are in English) which they mix for you in the moment (chocolates, Furtos, or cereal with ice cream), or you can choose the items you want to taste and mix and build your own combo. The Ice cream is really exceptional, so you don´t leave yearning for the ice cream of the West. The prices are a little high but it´s absolutely worth it!
Restaurants in Guangzhou
Fashion Coffee&Rest
This name is an interpretation of the Chinese symbols that give the Guangzhou cafeteria its name. It´s a cafeteria which fuses a pretty colorful design with a touch of the west, with traditional Cantonese food. It´s situated in a district in which you can find most of the embassies and many foreign banks and some multinational companies. In this environment, traditional restaurants have succumbed to the fusion of traits such as design or furniture, a clear example is this setting. This place is especially famous in GuangZhou, as there are many similar restaurants around, but still remains curious. In addition, the coffee is not bad, the food is affordable and reasonably priced.
Restaurants in Guangzhou
Chun Tin Wui
This restaurant is on the fifth floor of the mall that's at the Gongyuanqian (公园 前) subway stop (lines 1 and 2) is fine because it only costs around 50-100Yuan (10 Euros) and the menu is quite varied. The presentation is interesting and the food is exquisite, but I was disappointed by the service. I do think, though, some of the waiters were trying to avoid us because they barely speak English.
Culinary Interest in Shanghai
Yong´An Street Food Stalls
In New Yong'An Street, near the Old City of Shanghai China, there are a huge number of food stands. These are common on the streets of this huge Chinese metropolis, but here even more than usual. Lunch can generally be eaten very peacefully. I've eaten here a few times and have loved the food! I especially recommend the meat and vegetable dumplings, which are a delight. You can request them to go. There are also chestnuts, corn cakes, sausages, roasted ears ... All for a great price.
Restaurants in Shanghai
Orient Pearl Restaurant
The Oriental Pearl Tower (Chinese: 东方 明珠 塔; pinyin: Dongfang Míngzhūtǎ; official name: 东方 明珠 广播 电视塔) is the TV tower in Shanghai, China. It is located at the tip of Lujiazui in the Pudong district on the east side of the Huangpu River. The tower serves as one of the prinicipal sights and icons of the city. Finished in 1994, the tower was designed by Jiang Huan Chen, Lin Benlin and Zhang Xiulin, and at 468 meters, it was the tallest building in China between 1994 and 2007. The tower has viewpoints on several levels, the highest of which is at 350 meters. It also sports a revolving restaurant.
Restaurants in Shanghai
Yang's Fry Dumpling
One of the most famous specialties of the Shanghai cuisine are the fried dumplings, which are balls of dough filled with meat or vegetables. One of the streets of Shanghai most famous for the best quality dumplings is Wujiang Street (Metro West Nanjing Rd). Usually sold in packages of four, the dough balls are fried on the spot so they are always very fresh. The Wujiang food stalls tend to attract dozens of people lining up to buy some It is very common to see people eating walking down the middle of the street, because most of the stands don't have any tables or chairs. The prices are unbeatable.
Restaurants in Shanghai
Baodao Xieye Youxian Gondsi
This restaurant is just two minutes walk away from the metro station of Nanjing Road East. It specializes in crayfish and, in addition to Chinese, they also speak Japanese and some staff also speak English. It's quite a pretty place and, what´s more, the food is exquisite, although perhaps the place is somewhat noisy (which is not surprising of this type of restaurant in China). The waiters are friendly and polite, although the service does not meet our expectations of ​​a high-class restaurant, since the prices discriminate against the average Chinese citizen, but they are normal for us (at around 30Euros per guest including a refreshing Tsing Tao). It was recommended by a Japanese friend and I do not regret having taken his advice
Restaurants in Guangzhou
The Restaurant and Bar / Grill Lucy's is a classic among those ve frequented [poi = 72112] Shamian Island [/ poi]. The establishment is located in Shamian Park and is equipped with an indoor dining area and a terrace. They have a lunch menu, afternoon tea and dinner (with prices ranging from 3 to 5 Euros). The good thing about this place is that it combines both Chinese and Western food (especially Italian) and both the Chinese dishes and the pasta dishes are very good. The setting and service are also both good (what´s more, all the staff speak Mandarin, Cantonese and English - and one also speaks French -).
Restaurants in Guangzhou
GuangZhou Hong Xing Seafood Restaurant
The Hong Xing Seafood Restaurant is located right on the Pearl River and specializes in fish and seafood as well as crocodile meat. It has two floors and a terrace, where you can enjoy a nice dinner or lunch while feeling the river breeze on your face. At the bottom are a number of tanks where you can choose fresh fish or seafood, and there are also varieties of sushi (Chinese style) and liqueurs. The service is good and the food is well-prepared, and the prices are affordable, if a little bit high when compared to the average Chinese restaurant.
Restaurants in Guangzhou
Qian Wei Shuan
Qian Wei Shuan is a restaurant inside the domestic terminal of Guangzhou Airport. I don't remember which gate it was at - I was feeling hungry, so I didn't stop to look around! It's clean, with good service, but the quality isn't particularly impressive. The prices are quite high for the amount and quality of the food on offer ... really, it's what you'd expect from an airport restaurant.
Restaurants in Guangzhou
Real Kung Fu
This Chinese fast food restaurant called 真 功夫 (literally translated as "Real Kung Fu"), although in the English version it has been translated as dry Kung Fu. It operates as a franchise and reminds us a lot of "Burger King" or "McDonald's", but with a completely different type of food. The menus are pretty varied, but they usually consist of a Chinese dish, soup, some steamed vegetables and a drink. It is cheap, although the taste of the food isn´t anything to shout about, it could be a good option for the less daring or be a nice "rest" for those that are more experimental. The symbol of this franchise is a Kung Fu fighter ve looks a lot like [poi = 58741] Bruce Lee [/ poi].
Tapas Bars in Guangzhou
Fruity Mix
Fruity Mix is a franchise of natural foods and beverage that has opened all throughout the major cities in China. Beijing and Guangzhou have the most locations of this franchise. The drinks are mostly natural juices and smoothies, but you can also order coffee or tea. The meals are varied but they always come with fruit such as a mango salad. Also pizze comes with strawberries or kiwi. I found this shop by chance on the second floor of a shopping center in the metro station (line 1 and 2) Gongyuanqian (公园 前) and loved how healthy it was their colorful décor and menu, always with fruit motifs, especially apples. Drinks cost between 2 and 4 Euros, the dishes, which are rather small (like tapas), usually between 3 and 6 Euros.
Cafés in Guangzhou
Starbucks (Samian)
This Starbucks is located on Shamian Street, in the heart of [poi = 72112] Shamian Island [/ poi], in a colonial style building. It has a terrace, and also a terrace with chairs (covered) and then an interior part (also with comfortable chairs or, alternatively, padded chairs). It's a super relaxing place to have a coffe,e especially on the terraces and while it is hot, with the cool atmosphere of the trees (there is a park right in front of it) it´s very comfortable. Moreover, it´s not unlike other Starbucks.
Restaurants in Guangzhou
Big City, Small Kitchen
This name is a direct translation of the Chinese characters that make up the original name of this restaurant chain: 大城 (Big city) 小厨 (Small Kitchen). The one that I personally tried is situated inside a shopping mall in the area, on the third floor and believe me, I was pleasantly surprised. The price costs about 1.5-2Euros per dish. I found it to be quite cheap given the presentation of the place and the quality of the food - I was pleasantly surprised, although again I experienced some communication problems (luckily the menu had pictures). It is hard to find,I found my one by chance, but if you manage to get to this place you will like it. The value for money is very good.
Restaurants in Guangzhou
This fast food restaurant is located right next to the [poi = 24590] 7days Inn [/ poi] Sha Huang, in fact the restaurant is attached to the hotel and allows you to pass between one and the other without having to go outside. Open from 7.45am until 10pm, this restaurant provides breakfast, lunch and dinner continuously. You choose a menu and pay for a menu on the input box, you get a ticket (you have to hand it in through the kitchen window) and then you wait at your table until they bring you your food. You can order single dishes, but the menus, which are a kind of Chinese-style dishe with soda or soup (your choice) only costs 2Euros and they are quite good. The place is clean and the food is fine, but none of the staff speak anything but Chinese (an ideal place to start learning the language).
Restaurants in Guangzhou
Caca Casa
Behind the sign bearing such an unfortunate name, there's an Australian cafe-restaurant which currently calls Guangzhou home. This property is inside a mall near the Gongyuanqian (公园 前) subway stop (lines 1 and 2). The type of food is varied, especially the salads and noodles. They also serve and sell chocolate and sweets. They have lunch and dinner menus for one or two people, which cost about 4 to 6 euros each. The dessert for two people is fine and includes salad to share, your choice of noodles, and fruit and chocolate fondue for dessert.

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