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Restaurants in Bogotá

405 contributors

169 places to eat in Bogotá

Restaurants in Bogotá
Andrés Carne de Res
One of the things you have to do in Bogota is to visit Andrew. If you want to save the trip to the outskirts, Andres DC is the best solution. I´m tempted to say that is a smaller version of another place but that would imply that this is small, and has five floors that are immense and hundreds (yes, hundreds) of employees. The atmosphere, without being as unique as that of its older brother, is magical. There is live music and the service is excellent. The food (especially the meat) is spectacular.
Restaurants in Bogotá
Crepes & Waffles
There is a Colombian chain that´s very successful, extended throughout the whole country that offers, at good prices, sweet and savory crepes, pita sandwiches, salads, and a selection of ice creams that are perfect for a healthy meal and also flavorful.
Restaurants in Bogotá
It is an Italian style restaurant, located in the gastronomic area of Bogota. It has a relaxed and friendly environment where they serve simple dishes that are of excellent quality. The prices are on average $ 18,000 and dishes can be accompanied by fine wines.
Culinary Interest in Bogotá
I loved this bakery. They have several stores in Bogota, offering delicious breakfasts, and afternoon coffees. There are several types of bread you can choose from, and they make freshly squeezed tangerine juice for $5.00.
Restaurants in Bogotá
La Puerta Falsa
With nearly 200 years of history, La Puerta Falsa is a local institution in La Candelaria. It specializes in tamales which the locals say are the best in Bogota. The chocolate is also highly-recommended, and there are famous sweets like coconut candies. Very cheap and satisfying!
Restaurants in Bogotá
Harry Sasson
Located in zone G, or better known as the Gourmet area on Calle 70, this is a good spot to have a great burger. I had heard that the Colombian meat was very good and I think that it was worth it. The restaurant is very nice, with good service and with an excellent quality of food. For someone ve doesn´t know the Gourmet zone, I think it is a good place to eat, with a good ambient and a great variety of restaurants.
Restaurants in Bogotá
The Wok is an asian restaurant chain with a good relation of quality to price and a very varied menu that includes tempuras, satays, ceviches, carpaccios, a wok, sushi, curries, sashimi, makes, and a big variety of desserts. I would recommend the bananas in tempura.
Restaurants in Bogotá
Pescadero Benjamin Bohorquez
The restaurant Pescadero Benjamin Bohorquez has two establishments in the city, one in Luna Park and another in Peppermint. It is one of the most traditional restaurants, with over 65 years experience and it specializes in seafood. Some of their dishes are: seafood casserole, shrimp carbonara, shrimp santafereños, trout prepared in various ways, and even paella. The portions are very big. It also has something very interesting about it: is a themed restaurant because every time there is a national holiday the waiters are dressed according to that holiday, and they even make special gastronomic and animation programs to spread the local culture. It has private parking, WiFi and even a playground for children. The LunaPark local is open daily from 11.30am to 9pm. Yerbabuena is only open on the weekends.
Tapas Bars in Bogotá
Quiebra Canto
A small bar in the centre that hosts concerts of all kinds ... reggae, salsa, music from different parts of Colombia, jazz, etc ... it's a cozy place, with posters on the walls that are sure to catch your eye. The entrance fee for concerts is normally 8,000 pesos (less than 3 EUR) and the price of drinks at the bar is a little more expensive than you usually find in traditional shops (5,000 pesos beer, less than 2 EUR) but you can really enjoy the night!
Restaurants in Bogotá
Michel Patisserie
Michel's Patisserie is one of my favorites in Bogota. Since its founding in 1976, I remember my father bought millefeuille and eclairs there, and over the years, every time I go to Bogota I try to visit it, and the flavors remain authentic. A couple of years ago they refurbished this local and it is now more chic and it is integrated into what is known as the Roa area of ​​Bogota. It is a place to visit, and to treat yourself to one of the most authentic French pastries you can get in the city.
Restaurants in Bogotá
Cafe Renault
It is a restaurant where you can satisfy any cravings you may have, because the place has an extremely wide variety and it is very good. You can have meat, fish, sushi, soup, salads, pastas, among others. As well as desserts, you can have liqueurs and coffees. The service is high quality and the atmosphere is very nice. Highly recommended.
Restaurants in Bogotá
Mister Ribs
This restaurant has been around for 20 years in the Usaqun district of Bogota. They serve typical Outback-style ribs and similar products. The ribs are deisgned to be eaten with your hands, and they'll give you plastic gloves to make it easier. Lunch came out to about $ 40 with drinks, with 10% service included.
Restaurants in Bogotá
Hamburguesas El Corral
This is the most famous of the Colombian hamburger chains, with over 125 nation-wide. A few years ago a rumor began to circulate that its products were made with worm meat (that rumor, in fact, is still circulating), but the truth is, whether beef or worm, it was very good. The Corral was established in 1983 with the opening of its first restaurant in the center of Bogotá under the category of self-service, now its stores are divided between classic and gourmet burgers.
Restaurants in Bogotá
Casa Vieja (San Diego)
The Casa Vieja is a classic in the Colombian capital. Currently there are three of them open in the city (San Diego, on Avenue G and Jimenez) and they are all managed by its owners, the Jaramillo family. It is a very famous traditional restaurant and was founded in the 60s. It offers traditional Colombian cuisine, called "Creole cuisine." San Diego's restaurant is adjacent to the business center, so there you won´t find many tourists. Instead, you will find many Colombian businessmen. It is decorated in a rustic and antique style and has a beautiful courtyard. The waiters are dressed like peasants, and the music that is playing in the background is Colombian and very traditional. The most typical food to be ordered there are the dumplings, the "melting pot" (strange soup with vegetables and chicken) and the "paisa" (beans with rice, ground beef, sausage, pork, fried egg, sweet plantain and avocado). The truth is, although the taste of this type of cuisine can be rare, it was all great (in fact it is considered one of the best restaurants in town).
Restaurants in Bogotá
Provocaciones Panaderia
At the top of Montserat, there are a lot of tourist-oriented restaurants serving non-traditional food with spectacular views of the city. However, there are few places classic places that are open all day and serve good local food for local prices. Panaderia Provocaciones is one such place. It has a good selection of affordable pastries and coffee on offer, but the only downside that is no terrace, only a snug viewpoint.
Restaurants in Bogotá
Shawarma Khalifa
Shawarma Khalifa looks like nothing more than a fast food restaurant from the outside, but the delicious, Lebanese menu is great, especially if you're looking to try one of the many varieties of Shawarma. The upper floor has a comfortable lounge to eat.
Restaurants in Bogotá
Casa la Cicuta
They define themselves as a gallery, events and grill and without a doubt a special place with a colonial house gestioned by Philippe, a Frenchman in Bogota, that has very good food with popular prices at noon. Here you can eat in a messy garden full of orchids.
Restaurants in Bogotá